What is it?

A comprehensive feeding policy is vital to the implementation of polices and procedures that support ALL mothers and babies on your birthing center. With the promotion of breastfeeding as the optimal first feeding and evidence-based practices that support it, such as policy sends a strong message to staff about support of your initiative, not just from birthing center leadership but from your hospital and even system leadership as well. Being mindful of the gold standards for feeding policy, as outlined by Baby-Friendly USA, is an efficient way to approach policy creation. A comprehensive feeding policy is also key to improving your mPINC score. Note: The Feeding Policy Check-Off Tool does not include information on compliance with the WHO Code of the Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes.

The task force is a vital mechanism in achieving the constant change and steady growth that quality improvement demands. Often, the task force owns the creation and maintenance of the policy. The task force leader will appreciate the tools ready for immediate use that will help her do her work effectively and efficiently.

A breastfeeding champion is a person that improves outcomes by being a role model, taking initiative, and educating others. A breastfeeding champion can be a nurse, a provider, a manager, a quality department member…anyone who steps forward as a local lead. They often take the lead in the drafting of the policy. The Feeding Policy Check-Off Tool brings clarity and efficiency to this complex and time-consuming task.

Many hospital collaborative are currently hard at work helping hospitals with implementation of evidence-based practices. This tool can be used by collaboratives to disseminate consistent guidance on feeding policy across all participants.

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