What is it?

Training—particularly online training- can sometimes fall flat, being viewed by learners as “one more thing to do” in their busy day.   Coffective has created the Motivational Series to combat “Training Fatigue.”   The first video in each series is designed for the leader—people like you!  This video offers key content on the selected topic while providing guidance on how to engage and motivate your target audience of learners.  The second shorter video in each series is designed to draw in your target learner/stakeholder.  The fast-paced and highly visual videos provide information but also act as a catalyst to drive participation and behavior change, offering concrete actions for the stakeholder to adopt to start today.

WHY Breastfeeding…for Nurses is targeted to the birthing center nurse leaders and their staff.  Easy to watch and easy to distribute, the videos can serve as a prelude to further training or can stand alone to galvanize interest and support for breastfeeding on a busy unit.

Provider groups can be particularly difficult to engage in training due to competing priorities.  WHY Breastfeeding…for Providers, written by a provider, can serve to galvanize this group by providing context and concrete actions that tap into the providers’ desire for efficiency and effectiveness.

Prenatal clinic engagement is key to success of a breastfeeding initiative, but geography and management structure often make it difficult for hospitals to engage their associated clinics.  Use WHY Breastfeeding…for Prenatal Clinics to draw in prenatal clinic leaders and all of their staff, with a message that emphasizes their key role in success.

The Safety and QI Motivational Series videos, in particular, can be used by a diverse group of leaders, such as a task force constituency, to frame the implementation of evidence-based practice in the context of the theories of quality improvement and safe practice. Dissemination to the larger group of stakeholders- providers and nursing alike-can provide additional context for HOW to accomplish safe and effective change.