Helping Families Get a Great Start

Coffective provides a range of tools that can help communities take a collaborative approach to preparing moms to receive evidence-based practices in the hospital

It All Starts With Prepared Moms

Many hospitals are working to improve their maternity care practices. Delivering evidence based care is easier when the mom comes in prepared and wanting things like rooming in, skin-to-skin and limiting visitors.

Let’s face it. Most doctors don’t have the time to educate patients and most moms aren’t taking prenatal classes. But they are using mobile phones, spending hours in waiting rooms and utilizing resources like WIC and home visitors.

We’ve developed our tools with this reality in mind.

Evidence Based, FREE Mobile App

Our mobile app provides expectant mothers and her “champions”– fathers, grandmothers and friends with specific information about hospital practices, including all those required by the baby friendly hospital initiative.

All the content is created by leading experts, and written at an appropriate reading level, using behavioral-change and emotional-based counseling techniques. Eventually the app will be culturally competent and moms will see pictures of women that look like her.

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Comprehensive Complementary
Printed Materials

We’ve developed materials that can be incorporated into waiting rooms, counseling sessions and prenatal classes.

A key component is the “Preparation Checklist”, which provides clear guidance to mother. It will also help her share her wishes.

These will work well in individual environments, but will have a more dramatic impact when incorporated across an entire community.