What is Coffective?

At Coffective (Community + Effective), we believe all communities have the power to succeed. Communities of mothers, nurses, providers, peer counselors, home visitors, leaders, hospitals… communities working together for change. We see our role in offering training, tools and a platform for action that empowers everyone across the breastfeeding continuum to strengthen their communities and be more effective in their efforts.

Engaged Community
to Action
& Tools

Thoughts to Action

Coffective thrives on the insights of the community, but we know it is not enough to simply listen and learn. We measure our success on the ability to motivate, change behavior and drive outcomes. That is why we also apply proven frameworks, incorporate behavioral theories and utilize evidence-based approaches in everything we do. Our goal is to turn your thoughts into action!



We believe technology should make things easier, solving communities’ complex problems with simple solutions. That is why Coffective is committed to utilizing technology that helps families and the people that support them. As we continue to progress, technology will lead the way in further building connections, sharing lessons learned, scaling what works, measuring impact, and reaching our shared goals.


Engaged Community

For Coffective, everything starts and ends with communities and the passionate individuals striving to make them better. These are the people with the best perspective of local needs, and the power to make the greatest impact on the health of mothers and babies. When we can harness that power, we can reach our shared goals and see the collective impact of a truly engaged community.


Training & Tools

One way Coffective’s interdisciplinary team of experts turns the community’s thoughts and knowledge into action is by developing evidence-based training and tools that can be used by anyone who engages moms. These comprehensive, coordinated materials help create consistent messaging throughout the community, while still being flexible enough for stakeholders to tailor to their unique needs.


Our work is organized around 3 goals…

That feed into our mission of improving care coordination so that all stakeholders
can surround families with the support they need to reach their breastfeeding goals.


Prepare mothers prenatally
to receive evidence-based
care in the hospital


Implement evidence-based
maternity care practices
using consistent messaging


Increase utilization of
community support services early
in pregnancy and after discharge

It takes a village

One of the challenges facing women who are deciding to breastfeed, or have begun their breastfeeding journeys, is that they can often be overwhelmed with information and bombarded with conflicting messages that make it confusing about what to do. Additionally, stakeholders that support families are sometimes working in silos, unaware of what the others are doing or not speaking the same language. By improving coordination of these stakeholders and creating consistent messaging at every stage of care – from the first prenatal visit to the second year of life – together, we can ensure that families are getting off to the best start possible.




Home Visitors

Prenatal Clinics

Health department


Helps new families prepare for baby's birth by outlining ways to get a good start & how to access support resources.

Helps new families prepare for baby's birth by outlining ways to get a good start & how to access support resources.

Helps new families prepare for baby's birth by outlining ways to get a good start & how to access support resources.

A “table of contents” for key topics that should be covered with mothers prenatally and throughout her hospital stay.

This comprehensive training is designed to inspire your team and give them the knowledge and tools they need to help mothers succeed.

Video education for mother and champion on the benefits of breastfeeding and the practices that support it.

This curriculum represents the 5 core hours of Coffective training, providing an efficient and effective training option to facilitate community wide culture change.

Powerful images are paired with simple messaging to foster interest in breastfeeding and key evidence-based practices

Written for providers by providers, this curriculum focuses on changing behaviors and attitudes to support breastfeeding.

These economically and ecologically friendly tools provide a sustainable way for you to deliver a powerful breastfeeding message… one patient at a time.

Make your facility’s training more effective with a two-step approach that harnesses leader motivation while engaging and educating their stakeholders, whether they be staff or colleagues.

This one hour video provides short summary segments on the iconic chapters of broader Coffective Training options, for an effective, efficient overview that can speak to stakeholders in the hospital and community.

Accurate data collection helps to define baseline and follow change, but it also allows us to assure that change has led to improvement.

This series of short highly visual videos deliver education on the basics of breastfeeding support and promotion with customized content for Pharmacy, Radiology, Anesthesia, and general ancillary staff such as housekeeping and social work.