Our Process

Our process guides state and local organizations through designing and implementing an effective initiative, informed by communities’ needs.

Our Process

Our process guides state and local organizations through designing and implementing an effective initiative, informed by communities’ needs.

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State Landscape Scan

Discover what’s currently happening at the state-level, and what opportunities are available. State partners share information about organizations, including their existing programs, policies, priority areas, local networks, reach, data sources, training, and funding.

Coffective can support with:

Local Landscape Scan

What’s going on at the local-level? Hearing local perspectives early in the process ensures a complete picture of communities’ needs and organizations’ interests are incorporated into state-level decision-making. Learn about local needs, priorities, successes, and challenges. Discover local organizations’ interest in and capacity for working, learning, and creating with others.

Coffective can support with:

Landscape Opportunity Analysis

Put all that information to use! Based on the landscape scan(s), we provide an analysis that state partners can use to further align their efforts as well as to plan initiatives.

The analysis can include recommendations on opportunities for:

Implementation Design

Goals are achievable with a clear plan of action and resources to help execute that plan. Using insights from the Discovery phase, state partners can plan how their initiative will be implemented. This includes selecting solutions (bundles of existing and/or not-yet-created tools, training, and activities) customized to communities’ needs.

Coffective can support state partners in working together on:

Evaluation Design

Ensure your initiative is effectively and continually making progress toward its intended impact by designing a valid, adaptable, and equitable evaluation strategy.

Coffective can assist with:

Funding Design

It’s important to make sure initiative efforts and progress don’t stop with the end of a fiscal cycle. Determining how to engage community, state, and national funders now will help expand offerings, scale efforts, and create sustainable impact into the future.

Coffective can support with:

Tools, Training, and Activities

Resources make implementing an initiative possible and creating lasting change achievable. Local organizations use the selected solutions — bundles of tools, training, and activities — to make progress toward focus area goals.

Coffective can provide:

Working Together

We support community, government, and clinical organizations in developing partnerships and coordinating their efforts to ensure their services are creating positive, sustained change for their communities.

Coffective can help organizations in working together with the support of:

Learning Together

Many communities are already making great progress toward their goals. We promote scaling these successes by helping share communities’ evidence-based tools, training, and activities. We also coach communities on how to incorporate lessons into their own work.

Coffective can facilitate organizations in learning together through:

Creating Together

The Discovery phase uncovered missing tools, training, and activities as well as organizations’ interest in helping fill those gaps. Here is where local organizations can co-create new solutions or adapt existing solutions to meet communities’ specific needs.

Coffective can help with:


Data is about more than numbers. Use stories and opinions from the community alongside numbers to create a complete data story and fully understand the efficacy of your efforts. Assess data throughout implementation so adjustments can be made based on changing needs and new insights.

Coffective can provide:

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