Written by quality improvement experts, this curriculum will assist the task force leader, birthing center leader, or shift leader in ensuring that their changes lead to improvement.

A comprehensive feeding policy is vital to the successful implementation of the evidence-based policies that support optimal feeding practices and maternal infant bonding.

Helps new families prepare for baby's birth by outlining ways to get a good start and how to access support resources.

A “table of contents” for key topics that should be covered with mothers prenatally and throughout their hospital stay.

This comprehensive training is designed to inspire your team and give them the knowledge and tools they need to help mothers succeed.

This useful poster brings together key messaging from the core Coffective materials into one place for easy reference.

This curriculum represents the five core hours of Coffective training, providing an efficient and effective training option to facilitate community-wide culture change.

Powerful images are paired with simple messaging to foster interest in breastfeeding and key evidence-based practices.

Written for providers by providers, this curriculum focuses on changing behaviors and attitudes to support breastfeeding.