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What is it?

The centerpiece to the Coffective continuity of care approach is the FREE downloadable We’re Prepared Checklist. It outlines 15 evidence-based maternity practices grouped into color-coded sections for consistency and easy reference. The checklist functions as a “table of contents” for the key education topics that should be covered with mothers and families prenatally and throughout the hospital stay. It also serves as the central location for organizing follow-up appointments with providers and accessing local resources post-discharge. The organization distinguishes standard practices from those that may be available upon request, empowering mothers to advocate for all practices. Each mother should receive her own copy of the We’re Prepared Checklist during pregnancy and/or during her hospital stay to note the practices she is prepared for and wants to experience.

Whether you serve families in the clinic or the community, the We’re Prepared Checklist is a great tool to kick off prenatal education on breastfeeding and practices such as skin-to-skin. The format helps to organize the education into doable chunks, fostering interest and motivation.

An engaged and educated champion is key to breastfeeding success. The to-do list format is particularly pleasing to task-oriented fathers and partners.

Build family support for exclusive breastfeeding and evidence-based practices by encouraging all family members to participate as well.

Use the We’re Prepared Checklist as a tool to reinforce prenatal education upon admission to the hospital and throughout the hospital stay.

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8.5” x 11” tearpad (50 sheets) introducing families to 15 evidence-based maternity care practices and serves as a “to-do” list for birth preparation. Minimum order of 10 tearpads.

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1 - We’re Prepared Checklist


1 - We’re Prepared Checklist


1 - We’re Prepared Checklist

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