Get Ready
Fall in Love
Keep Baby Close
Learn Your Baby
Protect Breastfeeding

Skin to Skin

Place baby on mom’s chest, skin to skin, after birth:

  • Help moms bond with baby
  • Keep baby warm and calm
  • Help baby to learn to breastfeed (thanks to Mother Nature!)

Feed Baby on Cue

Watch for signs that the baby wants to feed to:

  • Helps baby feel settled and content
  • Make breastfeeding easier
  • Helps Mom’s body make breast milk quicker

Keep Baby in Room

Keep baby in room at hospital to:

  • Teach baby who’s mom
  • Allow baby to feed when ready and more often
  • Helps Mom learn when baby needs to feed

Latch Baby Well

A nurse will help mom find a good latch so:

  • Mom make plenty of milk for baby
  • Baby gets milk more easily
  • Breastfeeding is comfortable for mom and baby

Everything you need to know is organized into color coded sections. Everyone can learn more about each practice on the app and website.
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Step By Step Education

Dive deeper into each sections below to learn about what families can expect in hospital.

Fall in Love

Being together in the first hour is special way to feel your baby's love. Home is in your arms, skin to skin. Baby wants to be near you more than anything and will stop crying and become calm when he/she is with you. It's a bond that will last forever.

Get Ready

You've waited a long time to see your little one. Soon you will meet each other for the first time! Once your labor begins, you can help shorten your labor and feel less pain by learning to relax.

Keep Baby Close

New love grows best by spending time together. You and your champion have waited a long time to meet your baby. So enjoy this special time holding and loving your baby together (with skin to skin as much as possible). You'll never regret it!

Learn Your Baby

For your baby, home is in your arms. there baby finds all he/she needs: food, love, warmth, comfort and safety. In the early days, baby will teach you what he/she wants and when he/she needs it. And your loving arms will teach baby that he/she can depend on you.


Breastfeeding is one of the most precious ways to enjoy being close to your baby. There's no greater feeling as a mom than knowing you are helping your baby grow and become healthy with your milk. It's a gift that lasts a lifetime!

Protect Breastfeeding

Your body is designed to make milk. Work with nature by avoiding things that get in the way, like formula, bottle, nipples and pacifiers. If your doctor thinks baby needs a little extra , use your own milk when you can, and feed it to baby in a dropper or spoon.