Amber France, MS, MPH, IBCLC

With Amber’s public health background, she has always been interested in improving the health of communities through systems change.

As Director of Public Health Initiatives, Amber works with state leaders to develop sustainable partnerships, and provides guidance on identifying opportunities for aligning programs, policies, funding, and more. Throughout her work, Amber is continually inspired by the impact coordination at all levels can have, particularly when local organizations inform state-level decision-making.

Amber initially joined Coffective in 2018 after utilizing Coffective’s breastfeeding education materials in her local WIC agency to promote a county-wide cohesive breastfeeding system. Her breastfeeding focus quickly expanded as Amber saw how coordinating programs at the state-level could create a greater impact across many communities and lay the groundwork for broader systems change in public health.

Amber’s passion for public health extends to her roles outside Coffective as well. She is an adjunct instructor at a local college and a Town Board Supervisor of her local municipality.

Previously, Amber was a Nutrition and Lactation Program Supervisor / WIC Director at a local health department and WIC agency in Wisconsin, and was the chair of her state and local breastfeeding coalitions. She was actively involved with state and national boards and workgroups that impact policy, systems, and environmental changes.

Amber graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics before earning a Master of Science in Nutrition Education from Rosalind Franklin University. Amber received Leadership Certification from National WIC Association Leadership Academy. She also holds a Master of Science in Public Health from Concordia University.

Amber’s competitive spirit and love of anything active is shared across her entire family. She enjoys running, spending time outdoors, and cheering on her sons in sports. Her family enjoys playing and watching all levels of sports. If she had to pick a favorite team? The Milwaukee Bucks!