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Accurate data collection of infant feeding and maternity care practices is an important component of the modern birthing facility. Data collection helps hospitals evaluate current practices and fidelity with hospital policies and current evidence-based guidelines. Data is most accurately collected by individual chart review of discharged mother/baby dyads.  For some data points, such as breastfeeding initiation, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) reports can contribute to efficiency if available. Use the Data Collection Guide to understand the nuances of each data metric. Use the Data Collection Quick Sheet when you are gathering data from individual charts. Use the Data Collection Worksheet to record all of your monthly results for easy calculation and analysis.

The task force is a vital mechanism in achieving the constant change and steady growth that quality improvement demands. Data collection and review is a key function of the task force. The task force leader will appreciate the tools ready for immediate use that will help her propel quality improvement forward.

A breastfeeding champion is a person that improves outcomes by being a role model, taking initiative, and educating others.  A breastfeeding champion can be a nurse, a provider, a manager, a quality department member…anyone who steps forward as a local lead.  They often take on the task for monthly data collection. The Data Collection System brings clarity and efficiency to this complex and time-consuming task.

With the Joint Commission requiring monthly data on breastfeeding exclusivity, it is not uncommon for hospital quality departments to be engaged in chart review and data collection.  Share the Data Collection System with your quality team to increase your coordination and efficiency.

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