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Get Ready

You've waited a long time to see your little one. Soon you will meet each other for the first time! Once your labor begins, you can help shorten your labor and feel less pain by learning to relax.

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You’ve waited a long time to see your little one. Soon you will meet your baby face to face and become a family. As eager as you are, give baby all the time he needs to fully grow. It may be a hassle now when you’re tired of being pregnant, but knowing your baby is healthy will make it all worth the wait!

How to wait for labor to begin on its own

You can wait until your baby isready to be born, even when you’re sore and tired. Try these comfort tips during your last weeks.

  • Keep baby’s sonogram picture handy to remind yourself that your baby is still growing.
  • Use small travel-type pillows to support your body where you are sore.
  • Eat smaller meals throughout the day to reduce heartburn and gas.
  • Use an exercise ball to rock your hips from side to side. Change positions as needed.
  • Take warm showers to help relax your muscles.
  • I can’t wait to see my mom, but I still have some growing to do!
  • There’s not much room in here! Mom sits up straight to give me more space.
  • I twist and turn to get comfortable in my cramped space.
  • Mom rocks and gently rubs her belly. This calms me and helps me relax.
  • I move down into the birth canal. It’s almost time!

As mom’s champion, you have a vital role in her last weeks of pregnancy when it can be so hard to wait.

  • Go to doctor visits with her to hear first-hand how things are going and how you can help.
  • Remind her how crucial it is to wait until her baby is ready to be born.
  • Help her find ways to keep busy while you wait.
  • Help her get comfortable so the last weeks will pass more easily.
  • Call the doctor if mom thinks she might be in labor.

You’ll love waiting for baby to be ready!

When you see the beautiful face of your new baby, you’ll be glad you waited. Every single week helps your baby grow healthy and strong.

  • Your baby’s brain and lungs mature in the last few weeks.
  • Baby is less likely to have vision or hearing problems.
  • Your baby stays warmer.
  • Breastfeeding will be easier for your baby.
  • Your milk may come in more quickly.
  • You will be less likely to need a C-section.

You can wait for labor to begin on its own even when…

Other People Pressure You

Well-meaning people often ask, “Have you had that baby yet?” They are eager, too! Just remind people that you want your baby to be fully ready to be born. Your baby will be here soon enough!

Your Doctor Suggests You Induce Labor

Your doctor might offer to induce your labor. Ask whether there is a medical reason to do so. Ask about the risk of waiting a little longer until labor begins on its own in case your due date is off a little. Find out what method would be used. Being informed will help you make the best decision together.

You’re Tired of Being Pregnant

No woman wants to be pregnant forever! And it can seem that way when you near the end of your pregnancy. Find ways to keep busy and stay comfortable so the time will pass quickly. Tell yourself your body has done a great job growing a healthy baby so far. Give it the time needed to finish the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it take so long for my baby to be born?

All mammals need a certain period of time to grow. Human babies need around 39-41 weeks to be ready to face the outside world. At every stage of growth your baby is getting ready. When you give baby the time she needs, she will be healthier.

What if my doctor wants to induce labor?

Sometimes there are problems with the pregnancy. There may also be a concern about your health or your baby’s health. In these cases, your doctor will advise you about whether it’s the right time to induce labor.

Won’t the sonogram tell me when it’s time?

Many doctors advise moms to get a sonogram to see how things are going. These can be helpful to see about how far along you are and to see how baby is doing. However, they are not always 100% accurate. When you go into labor on your own, this is often your body’s way of telling you it’s time.

What if my baby is born too early?

If your baby is born too early, he might need a little help waking up and sucking well. Ask your nurse and lactation consultant to help you if your baby has trouble learning how to breastfeed. You might need to hand express to make sure you get started making milk.

And there you have it

You can wait and let labor begin on its own, even when you’re tired and sore. Keep your eye on the healthy baby you will enjoy because you gave her the time she needs.