Build strong relationships for greater impact

There are organizations in each community serving the same families and working toward the same goals. Each of them is a potential partner and, when they work together, can help create a greater impact in the health of their communities.


Take incremental steps toward a big goal

Organizations have a strong interest in coordinating, but often face barriers in doing so effectively and sustainably. There are incremental steps community partners can take to make meaningful progress toward this big goal.

How does this solution work at the local-level?

A Role for State Leaders

Leaders of state-level maternal and child health programs can accelerate and amplify community coordination efforts for their local networks by participating in the project.

No solution is “one-size-fits-all”

Every community has its own unique opportunities, challenges and local dynamics. While our solutions offer a structured path for reaching specific goals, they have also been designed with flexibility in mind. Contact us to talk about how the Coordination solution can be customized.


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