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Year 3

Year 3 HCTFs will continue to work to apply their shared understanding of community priorities to shared action using a social justice lens. Data collection will focus on tracking and improving any persistent racial disparities in breastfeeding outcomes.  Hospitals will continue to advance through the implementation of the WHO Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding. Presenting […]

Year 2

Year 2 HCTFs met regularly in each community and move through the QI-TRACS HCTF Benchmarks. Hospitals collected qualitative data using the Coffective Birthing Person Survey. Data revealed narrowing of racial gaps in breastfeeding initiation, exclusivity, and discharge support. Hospital leaders and COs continued their equity journey by participating in affinity groups and caucusing with facilitation […]

Year 1

Year 1 Seven hospitals recruited to join the 
QI-TRACS collaborative despite continued COVID challenges. Seven Community Organizers recruited to co-lead each local effort. Hospital leaders and COs worked to form Hospital-Community Task Forces (HCTFs) in each community. Hospitals began data collection. Hospital leaders and COs participated together in training on how to challenge and change […]