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What is it?

The Core Practice Curriculum is a breakthrough product that addressed the breastfeeding community’s desire for flexible, evidence-based training solutions that meet the range of needs and budgets for individuals and organizations. The courses included in the core set provide a strong foundation for community education and hospital quality improvement, by introducing the core evidence-based practices associated with the Baby-Friendly Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding.

Birthing center nurses are busy. Training requirements are added on from multiple different directions. The Core Practice Curriculum values the nurses’ time by fulfilling a variety of hospital priorities including The Joint Commission, mPINC, patient satisfaction, and general quality improvement. It also inspires nurses to move forward with their professional development by encouraging and inspiring participation in real change, through improvement in counseling skills and participation in task force activities. It is a good choice for birthing centers that perhaps have not yet made a commitment to Baby-Friendly but would like to improve their staff knowledge and implementation of breastfeeding support. It can also be used as a shorter update as part of Baby-Friendly re-designation, interim designations, or mPINC-related initiatives.

Many prenatal outpatient clinics employ nurses as leaders in staff management and patient education. Completion of the core curriculum encourage outpatient nurse leaders to become key partners in changing the culture of maternity care in your hospital community.

Most professional staff training on breastfeeding is only applicable to the hospital setting. The Core Practice Curriculum organizes the key content on breastfeeding science, promotion, and support into a doable shorter curriculum that pulls hardworking community professionals into a coordinated effort extending beyond the birthing center walls.

The Core Practice Curriculum can be used for department-wide training of WIC leadership and staff to create a seamless message between the hospital and the agency that serves so many of our mothers and babies.

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The five-course training is available through Coffective website OR can be integrated into Learning Management Systems. It is designed to motivate staff and enhance their skills. Covers 65% of BFHI-required content.

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