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This training focuses on engaging and motivating providers to embrace their role in supporting breastfeeding with their patients and throughout their communities. The curriculum acknowledges the competing priorities and the work load of the modern provider, offering universal HIGH IMPACT BEHAVIORS, effective and efficient actions, proven to resonate with providers, that can be started immediately to promote breastfeeding

The curriculum as written for providers who care for mothers and babies on the birthing center.  Pediatric, obstetric and family medicine providers will find relevant information that suggested actions that can be applied to their office or hospital-based clinical practice.

Most medical school curriculums are lacking comprehensive content on breastfeeding.  Coffective Provider Education can be used on rotation to round out education on breastfeeding science and promotion.

Baby-Friendly requires that mid-level providers participate in 3 hours of breastfeeding education as well.

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3-course training available through Coffective website designed to motivate healthcare providers on their role to embrace and promote breastfeeding. Courses include pediatric- and obstetric-specific hours as well as "high impact behaviors" to improve breastfeeding outcomes.

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