Engage, motivate and train hospital staff

Ensuring optimal delivery of care for families starts with engaged hospital staff that are equipped with training on best care practices and quality improvement, as well as the motivation and tools to apply their knowledge.

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Educate families early and consistently

Mothers and families that are educated early and consistently about breastfeeding and evidence-based maternity care practices can make better-informed health decisions for both mom and baby.

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Sustain improvement with institutional changes

Getting leadership buy-in to make institutional changes — like modifying hospital policies or the birthing center environment — is key to making sure today’s quality improvement work is maintained well into the future.

How can Coffective help?

Community Coordination

By incorporating a community perspective into the quality improvement task force, hospitals can establish continuity of care and ensure their work meets the community’s needs.

Coaching & Cohort Learning

Hospitals interested in implementation support and learning from others can receive guidance from Coffective coaches, or take a cohort learning approach by joining our hospital quality improvement collaborative.

A solution with structured flexibility

Every community has its own unique opportunities, challenges and local dynamics. While our solutions offer a structured path for reaching specific goals, they have also been designed with flexibility in mind. Contact us to talk about how the Hospital Quality Improvement solution can be customized.

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