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2022 State partner coordination continued. Partner profiles, local network surveys, and a landscape opportunity analysis created. Cross-Border Collaborative. Community Partnership Technical Assistance for local health departments.


2021 State partner coordination continued. Community Partnership Technical Assistance. Access to Community Match continued.


2020 State partner coordination continued. Access to Community Match continued. Breastfeeding coalition provided mini-grants for partner coordination activities. Technical assistance for hospitals and partner coordination continued. Community listening sessions begin.


2019 State partner coordination begins. Hospitals provided quality improvement technical assistance. Communities provided technical assistance on partner coordination, especially targeting prenatal clinic engagement. All organizations given access to Community Match. Peer sharing webinars begin.


2018 Local WIC agencies and hospitals provided technical assistance on implementation of training and tools. Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition becomes strategic partner. Milwaukee County provided support for provider engagement.


2017 Continued rollout of staff training and family education to establish statewide consistent message.


2016 Local WIC agencies and hospitals provided staff training and family education tools on evidence-based maternity care practices.